What Does “Obelia Akanke” Mean?

Why Obelia Akanke?

I’ve worked with and spoken to so many different people. Sometimes, people don’t get along. There was a time a woman started a “pissing board” so that those of us who had things to say that weren’t directly helpful to the posted topics could vent and get things off our chests. I joined after choosing this name. (The forum eventually became a support board, and most of us talked there as friends for years.)

Obelia – Greek for “pillar of strength”

Sometimes, I say hard things to people. I’ve dealt with hard topics and life-threatening situations. Sometimes, I had to build a strength within myself for myself and those around me to make it to the next step – whatever that was. I’ve had to make my words sharper (maybe painfully blunt) for those who didn’t understand when I was tactful, calm, and sweet. I ask questions others haven’t asked or say things others have been afraid to say.

Akanke – Nigerian for “to know her is to love her”

It’s an unexpected name, I know. Then again, the range of emotions and situations I experience in short periods of time feels the same way. If you know anything about me, then you know I’m not (usually) trying to hurt you but get you to understand something. Typically, I said what I said because I care enough about someone or something else to bring it to your attention.


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