The Suffolk Literary Festival and PoetFest

A lot has happened in the last few months, but I’m going to keep them separate.


April 21, 2018 – I attended the Suffolk Literary Festival at Paul D. Camp Community College. It was my first time attending a book festival as an author. I sat with Suffolk Writes, met other authors, and participated in the open mic. It gave us a chance to meet people in the community and consider what we’d like for future projects.


April 28, 2018 – I attended PoetFest at The Venue on 35th. I’ll admit that I was looking forward to this event more than the previous for two reasons.

1) We’d talked about the literary festival for a while, but we weren’t sure what was supposed to take place, which made it a little awkward to prepare. We weren’t all getting the same information at the same time.

2) April is National Poetry Month! I had been in a poetry mood for over a month, so I was excited to see and hear other poets as well as perform. I think I was more excited about the atmosphere than trying to promote my book.

PoetFest was an all day event that featured authors, a skit and discussion about domestic violence, the Verb Benders Slam team, as well as others who are part of the Hampton Roads artistic family. So, maybe it wasn’t “just” because it was NaPoMo but because it was more of a home environment.

Overall, I had fun, but it was an exhausting month. I attended over a dozen open mics in various cities with up to a 2-hour commute, workshops, a concert, and still managed to keep my day job.

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