Author – Spoken Word Artist – Poet – Storyteller

Obelia can be truthfully described as “one of a kind.” Her writing style varies from verse to free form, topics may cover anything from mental health to everyday life for mom, and she will write with the same passion for one person as the intended audience as she does for 100. Her debut novel released in February 2018 and has given us another avenue by which we can see her works and talents.

Obelia has performed as a spoken word artist nationally and in Japan while her family was stationed overseas. She was a featured poet for the Black Poetry Cafe Calendar 2009, was interviewed by Dread Daze’s Najashi (online magazine), and has shared her work on several online radio shows. After a long hiatus, she has returned and is ready to publish.

Heart of Crystal (Book One: Trust Me) has already been requested across the Tidewater area. Readers have expressed their enjoyment for finding a novel that fits closer to what they see. Writers, especially poets,  have expressed enjoying the novel because they see themselves in the characters.

Obelia is a mother, private caregiver for both children and seniors, and someone who enjoys life. She hopes that something she writes will speak to someone else at the time needed. If everyone gets to laugh hysterically during conversation afterwards, that would be icing on the cake.

Crystal was permanently scarred by her ex-boyfriend last semester. After a few months of attending a writers’ group she joined as a form of therapy, Mario, the group leader and a spoken word artist, asks her out. She is reluctant to start another intimate relationship, so things are further complicated when a second group member pursues her. Secrets are exposed, tension mounts, and tempers flare as Crystal struggles to discover who she can trust. As the end-of-the-year performance gets closer, pressure builds as students prepare to compete for a win – for a career boost…and for Crystal’s heart. Click here to purchase from Amazon.