7 Cities Book Fest 2019

The Chesapeake chapter of the Romance Writers of America will have our second annual 7 Cities Book Fest event this weekend. If you’ve seen my Instagram or Facebook posts, you may have already gotten a ticket to attend. I missed last year’s event due to a rescheduled move, but I will be attending this year. READ MORE

Why the Name “Crystal”?

Why did I Chose the Name “Crystal”? I don’t remember spending a lot of time choosing my main character’s name when I started writing. “Crystal” was a perfect fit even before I finished the first chapter. I had no idea how I wanted to develop it because my original goal was a 5,000-word story. By READ MORE

Opportunity Knocking at Your Door

Does it? Does it, really? You have to have heard something about the idea of opportunity knocking at your door. It’s something along the line of opportunity knocking on your door to present you with the job, money, breakthrough (insert requested item) that you’ve been waiting to receive. Scratch that. You probably weren’t looking for READ MORE

Domestic Abuse Is an Issue

G.R.O.W. Foundation held an event last night at the Venue called “We Need to Talk.” Several organizations and individuals sponsored, assisted, and/or spoke to bring more awareness to the problem of domestic violence. Abuse is not limited to broken bones. Many times, because we can’t immediately “see” the damage (ex. bruises), we assume that it’s READ MORE

Walking Forward

I made a decision at the end of last year coming into this year. It wasn’t a “New Year’s resolution.” I do an evaluation of what’s going on with myself every time tax time comes along because I have to figure out my income and expenses. Determining how much I need to earn and if READ MORE