Books – Author and/or Contributor – in order

Heart of Crystal series Books 1 – 3


Crystal was permanently scarred by her ex-boyfriend last semester. After a few months of attending a writers’ group she joined as a form of therapy, Mario, the group leader and a spoken word artist, asks her out. She is reluctant to start another intimate relationship, so things are further complicated when a second group member pursues her and causes her to question what she really knows about either man.

Secrets are exposed, tension mounts, and tempers flare as Crystal struggles to discover who she can trust. As the end-of-the-year performance gets closer, pressure builds as students prepare to compete for a win – for a career boost…and for Crystal’s heart.

                                                    February 2018                      October 2019

Trust Me: originally published 02/2018; updated and re-released beginning 05/2019

Tried and Tested: October 2019

True to You: TBA


“My Most Valuable Possession” – a sweet, clean short story

May 2018

Nicholle’s emotions are just as crushed as her treasure, yet she is determined to mend at least one of the two. When David, a passerby she bumped into, notices her concern and offers to help, she realizes there’s a chance…a chance that her most valuable possession can be restored.


757 Perspectives: Volume III – poetry anthology – Contributor

March 2019

A collection of poems donated to benefit the Venue on 35th St


Reclaiming Celeste (Heart of Crystal: Bonus Book)

November 2019

“Celeste is an emotional wreck. Trent is cheating on her, evicting her and their young child, and seems to grow more callous toward her with every interaction. She doesn’t understand why the man she loves now acts like he hates her. Is he sick, experiencing a midlife crisis, denying a mental illness, stressed out at work?

She’s determined to understand what happened to the man she married, but it’s draining Celeste in the process. When she gets her answers, will it be enough to save their marriage? More importantly, will she be able to save herself?”


The Family Gift – part of Christmas Cookies on Main Street novella anthology from Authors of Main Street
– December 2019
(will be available as single story also)



What Happens at the Beach – submitted to manager for anthology (approximately 8 authors contributing);

planning for March 2020



“Elise’s Pieces” – short story – written & edited; planned for January 2020

Poetry book & CD – collection organized