My Most Valuable Possession – A Short Story

Around the beginning of May, I decided to release a short story so that those who are unfamiliar with my writing style can get an idea of the types of things I write. Some people want a full completed sample of a story, so I edited and expanded on one I wrote 10 years ago. For anyone who read “My Most Valuable Possession” on a blog or post long ago, it has been updated. The main character also has a name now. (Yeah, I hadn’t named her.)

This was also a cover I selected and had polished to reflect the story. This is another sweet story, but it is suitable for young adults as well. It would likely be rated PG. It is currently available exclusively on Amazon. purchase link

“Nicholle’s emotions are just as crushed as her treasure, yet she is determined to mend at least one of the two. When David, a passerby she bumped into, notices her concern and offers to help, she realizes there’s a chance…a chance that her most valuable possession can be restored.”


Part 1 (sample)

My world had been shattered, and I was struggling like mad to fix it so it would make sense again.

I was crawling on the ground, moving slowly, scouring the pavement, and pressing my hands to the sidewalk in hopes that fragments would stick to my palm. I needed to retrieve every piece that I had lost. I would have preferred for them to have magically collected themselves and flown to my hands as if they were metal shavings magnetically attracted to me, because I could barely see what I was touching. I mistook many rock crystals for my prize. Had my eyes not been burning with tears, I might have been able to use my hawk-like vision to find them instead of looking at distorted images.

Nobody seemed the least bit concerned about me. Oh, they stared plenty or would talk about me to whomever they were near. For the most part, people walked by me without so much as a nod, as they were caught up in their own worlds and their own problems. For real? I can’t say that I blame them. What would make them delay their plans to check out a girl sniffling, crawling around on her hands and knees, lunging and collecting random things off the ground? Obviously, I wasn’t looking for lost change, but I probably looked like a drug addict trying to gather up something to sniff. No, I guess I wasn’t exactly the picture of someone’s next BFF.

Occasionally, a guy would stop by and start a conversation with me. I didn’t really pay attention because the whole time I was on my hands and knees gathering these delicate pieces, he would either be standing 15 feet away talking about himself, sitting at the nearby café table telling me I was wasting time, or right behind me talking about how I could make him happy on my knees. Pig! Honestly, I wasn’t looking for company or for help, but I wasn’t going to turn down somebody who genuinely wanted to assist me. I was checking sidewalk cracks, under tables, behind chair legs… I think it was near 12:30. I hadn’t eaten, but I was too intent on recovering my precious fragments to notice that I was hungry…or the guy whose thigh I bruised. Yeah, apparently, I was supposed to check for people before I shoved a chair out of the way to crawl from under a table. Oh, well. Hindsight is everything.

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