Opportunity Knocking at Your Door

Does it? Does it, really?

You have to have heard something about the idea of opportunity knocking at your door. It’s something along the line of opportunity knocking on your door to present you with the job, money, breakthrough (insert requested item) that you’ve been waiting to receive. Scratch that. You probably weren’t looking for it at all because you believed it to be just out of reach of your abilities or position at the moment. While it’s all well and good that you got your big break by happenstance, that shouldn’t be the way we go through life. I mean…you could, but why wait for something to happen “to” you or “for” you?

I think some people have become so used to the idea of seeing what looks like instant success that they actually believe the people they admire (or envy, depending on who you talk to) are just wandering around through life magically attracting opportunities like paperclips to a strong magnet. Here’s what I’ve noticed. That’s rare. What usually happens is someone has a goal and beings working toward that goal by studying, getting certifications in the field, talking with others earning income in the field, networking, applying to positions, and putting themselves in locations where they can be seen by people in the field.

When I was offered a job to become a parent educator when I applied to become a counselor, it was not because the recruiter mixed up my filed. It’s because my resume showed my experience gave me the basics to fill the position. The question was whether or not I would take the training so that I could effectively do the job. Had I not submitted my resume and listed my qualifications, I wouldn’t have been offered either job. That company was not about to send people door-to-door over a three-hour radius (involved travel out of town) looking for potential workers who might be qualified. It’s a waste of time and money.

I don’t know what you want until you tell me. I don’t know what you can do until you tell me. I don’t know what to recommend to you until I know your needs, abilities, and availability. You’re the one looking for a break, so you need to be the one making yourself seen.

I put this picture here to reflect a conversation I had a couple months ago. I had one point. You can wait on your behind and hope that someone will come searching for you at your door, but I’m going to go ahead and put myself in front of Opportunity, Long Shot, Slim Chance, Fat Chance, Maybe, and everyone else until I get what I need done.

Success isn’t built on the hard work of everyone else to make your dreams come true.

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